Thursday, 27 March 2008


Omg how desperate can people get ?? I wish I can slaughter who stole the pompom from me ==''. I mean..come'on it's only RM4 like that also must steal??? Hello when you steal from me. you're not stealing from Sparklerz. you're stealing from ME. Thanks to you I have to whisk out another RM4 to pay for what you stole. I'm incharge of the money and the merchandise and if anything goes wrong I'M THE ONE who has to pay back. I've already gone short of RM10 from the shirts. and here's another RM4. You all keep complaining how expensive the shirt is.. atleast you're paying for something meanwhile I'm paying RM14 for nothing.

I bet you're's just RM14. unlike you...I pay for my own phone bill. my own food. my own shopping and my own cheer uniform which will cost a mega bomb again. So please spare my cash and don't STEAL !! I'm already stressed out enough by chasing everyone around the school for them to pay okay. I'm already stressed out by counting the money over and over again hoping I didn't lose anything. PLEASE STOP MAKING ME MORE STRESSSED!!! This message is going out to the stupid person or whoever that stole from me =.=.

I'm already sick and I'm becoming WORSE. I think I'm gonna get a fever soon ARGH. Stop causing me to be stressed =.= cause when I get stressed I fall sick. very sick ==

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