Monday, 31 March 2008

:D school =)

went to School as usual..finally finished KH project woohoo =) I didn't burn myself..neither did Jessica *darn* hahaha. Since I finished it first..and had like one period left..I started making stuff for the revolution party hahaha.. Darren that's how I finished it in one day :D

After recess while I was about to go upstairs, Jun Hung and Ding Yong was coming down from extra class

me: hi jun hung, hi ding yong!
Ding Yong: hi Audreyyy!
me: what you doing here? o.o
Ding Yong: extra class ma...
-jun hung stares weirdly-
Jun Hung: eh..just now I heard someone call my name..
me: oh is it Esther? She called you pineapple boy x)
Jun Hung: errr name..
me: =.= I said hi to you
Jun Hung: ha? really ah? oh okay
I was standing RIGHT INFRONT OF HIM and he could say that omg ==?

Then..well yeah..I became love counselor again after school ~ Then.. went home..Found out the Revolution Party meeting will clash with cheer prac on Saturday..I sangat dillema...aiyhz..I'm really sorry Nicky...Cause it's the final meeting..ayh =C...

and FRUIT CHIPS ROCK :D I know you all might say..omg health freak la u == x) but yes I don't really like junkfood beside bytez or anything chocolatey :O haha so I like dried crunchy fruits :D weeeeeee call me weird. I wanted to blog something bout ESTHER today but not allowed cause she threatened me =C

P.s. LOL everyone thinks I'm kay jin's girlfriend HAHAHAH just by one picture! Yes I'm 10 years younger than you WOW!! Hahaha have fun answering all your friends questions hahaha

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