Friday, 28 March 2008

day of sickity sick sickness =)

School was dreadful. WHY IN THE WORLD did I not want to skip..Anyways it starts like this..I handed the money for the shirts to Nicole..Went for CF..I was supposed to play the piano and Sam would play the guitar...Till..he super smartly didn't bring his guitar =.=''!!! SO yeah I was the ONLY musician. Freaked me out. It went horrible. stupid book fell on the keyboard making me attempt to prevent it from falling by using my butt which make me look retarded

I had to think of something so while playing I used one hand to play both parts and quickly grabbed the book == Soon the other paper flew down. Thankfully I already know the chords. But it was humiliating...I felt like crawling under a rock =C. Games was idiotic and fun.. charades always is =) Then went to class..first had BM..teacher scolded me about my usual..after that I started shivering..I started breathing weirdly..

Rishen(behind me): er..Audrey are you okay
me:..-mumbles- yeah...
Rishen:...errr you don't look too well...
-my face was super skin felt like it was burning..I started breathing super loudly and quickly-
Puan Siva: Audrey what's going on?
Rishen: teacher..Audrey has a fever..
me: -glares at him - lol
Puan Siva: you want to call your parents to bring you home?
Puan Siva: you sure ==?
-whole class stares at me-

Lol..Thanks for caring anyway Rishen =)..haha you rreally really changed this year compared to the last =)..Anyways I felt like a total zombie today..As usual Puan Loh started talking trash about me..Azfar and Alan were like.." down"...even though my face was expressionless my whole body was flaming up. I just couldn't wait to go home..I went home..went out for dinner..guess who I met ? hahaha..met Wilson and Serena and family =) I noticed the wonderful hair of Wilson from the back and wondered why that guy seemed so familiar.

Found out it was Wilson..first thing that came to my mind was..Jon Gorgor..TT I miss you !!! When will you come backkk =C...and I wanna say a huge huge THANK YOU to Shaunnie =)
I really really appreciate what you did for me..Thanks for telling me what you saw and erased it..thanks...=) hugz =)

Ps. Why is it so hard to believe that I still love the same person that I have for the past 1 year and 6 months? or actually more than that? haha

Ps. THANKS IMA =D for doing the tag HAHAHAH

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