Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April Fools ==

Last night was doing Revolution stuff for deco..and there's good news AND bad news...
Good news is ...I finished it at 1:10 am :D
Bad news is...

it's really horrible..

its excruciating pain...





-a moment of silence TT-

Good thing I bought a spare one :D Anyways!!!!

April Fools was today . I got pranked few times by several people which got me in the mood to prank as well :P..Firstly I was looking for Pn. Nidhia to ask her some stuff..walked all over the school (literally) with Mich and Cammie only to find out she was in the staff room =.=

I was resting by the edge of the balcony there..and saw squishy below..he was like..Audrey !!
"Watch out there's a spider !!!"
I forgot it was april fools =.= So yeah I fell for it.. What..normally there's spiders there T.T...So I got him back during BM...

Audrey: Squish! Derrick calling you
Squishy: Derrick? What?
Derrick: huh ==?
Squishy: you called me??
Audrey: April fools :D
-few minutes later-
Audrey: Squishy..why haven't you done your ringkasan yet??
Squishy: ha?? must do meh?? who said??
Audrey: Puan Siva lah DUH ==
Squishy: Alann!! Must do ah???
Audrey: April fools :P
Squishy: I just got punk'd Alan. I just got punk'd =.=

Then the next pranker

Rishen: Audrey borrow your bm book
-I pass my book to him...few minutes pass-
Rishen: omg Audrey..I accidentally tore your book..sorry
me: -face stone like mad-
Rishen: =p april fools!
Haha cause of that I triped Rishen while he was running past my table :D He fell -BWAHAHAH-

Oh yeah the one who got it the WORST. was Mun Hong I so so so pity him..Xingy cut Mun Hong's face and pasted it on this SUPER FAT GUY which looked like he had boobs. And she printed 10 copies a4 size =.= and passed it around two classes =.='' So sad weihhh!! Me and Esther helped him destroy 6 copies :D..

And then we started having paper war..we took all the "scholastic book forms" and made them in to paper balls and started throwing it around class =.= Derrick's aiming sangat baik ahhh =.= if you know what I mean. Then...Esther,Annesha and Jess started molesting me after that lol..they tickled me like crazy till I started squirming on two chairs lol -i was lying down- my face came as red as a tomato == Rishen laughed like mad with the other guys

And even EN. AZREEN pranked me =.=???
En.Azreen: Audrey..do that question you must solve it too
Me: oh okay... i thought just do the equation only
-finishes one question-
En.Azreen: oh yeah...you don't need to solve it you know
Me: =.= you!!! you killed my roller!!!
En.Azreen: April Fools ma :D
So before school ended...
Me: teacher!!! TEACHER!!!!! i have something realy important to say!!
En.Azreen: - doesn't listen-
Me: TEACHERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! - whole class laughs -
En.Azreen: whatttt - walks back in the class-
Me: come here!!
En.Azreen: what -.-
Me: NOTHING :D april fools!!!
-class laughs LOL-

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