Saturday, 5 April 2008

argh busy nye!!

Shaun my TOY sheep went to dry cleaning few days ago so now I spend my nights with

Mr. Fuddy duddy x) lol don't ask about the name haha. But it aint the same T.T I miss Shaun.

Anyways it was chunnymomo's bday yesterday, after school sam fetched me,sean and rachel to yuen steamboat. Met John,Chris Tay,Wei Wen,Chunny(duh),tze hsien,Boon Han and Mee Pei there =). Okay I know I'm the only non college one there. so what :P?
The birthday boy :O

John's intenseness of opening the coconut :O
Chrisy :O

The oh so famous chicken wings :) the people were like vultures over it :O Literally
How many chickens had to die =C Each chicken only has two wings you know!
Me and Rachel :O

Chris and Wei Wen :O
Think your eyes are fooling you? It ain't. I have a nail on my pinky. The picture says it all. How?
Sean Chang Wen Hong my fantastic neighbour, stepped on my toe and when he took his foot off my toe, my nail got caught on his shoe which pulled my 4th right toe nail off. it hurts ==.

Thanks Chunny for treating us !! After that, Chunny fetched me to his house with Wei Wen. Lol his driving rocks =.='' his distance from the car infront is like 1 cm and he loves to jerk :D
Went to his house..We all watched step up 2..and then around 11:45, we cut the ice cream baskin robbins cake =3 first time I ate this..OMG it rocks =3. Hahha then Boon Han sent me back around 12am due to Chunny's too drunk to send me home problem.

Anyways.I came home..did chores, around 12 something talked to shaun on the phone...Then 1am I started making the logo for Revolution..guess what time I finished? 6:30am =) then I slept around 6:45am and got up at 8:30am due to meeting at 10am as well as the wonderful renovation downstairs for my toilet..all the wonderful drillings..bangings..knockings..vibrations =.=''

Anyways..woke Sam up finally..he sent me to church..had meeting..tomorrow we're having fund raising at church..1 lollipop = Rm3 XD well its PERSONALIZED =3. Haha..and then I just found out I was suppose to back up for Wee Liem today..I didn't check my email properly..didn't see the attached file..So yeah I panicked..but in the end I learnt the song..Now I'm supposed to be doing some yeah..just wanna say I'm really stressed out agh !...

P.s Nano my sugarglider got killed by my dog. Putra knocked down the cage, banged the cage down and killed him. That's why I was so emo after the meeting lol..we (the committee) walked over to Mydin to get some supplies..on the way there I stepped on a metal pole which jabbed in my sole which is now still hurting. Chiaos :O

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