Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Argh my brain TT

Arghhh@@@ sometimes I just feel my head's gonna explode some day x). Revo party is going kabooming on my brain..!! yesterday was the first time I did 12 posters in a night-morning =X..
Ababababoom@@!! Okay forget about that. I'm still stressed :O Friday = bible quiz and I haven't really Memorized anything yet..I read but not memorize. ARGH!

Then Friday is also the dry run for Revo party..and actstream practice..and Decoration..and and and -keboomyyy-!!!! Okay..!! Today was picture day at school..woke up at 7+ and walked to school..wore PJ clothes there to take picture for Sparklerz..only to find out that CF's picture was first when they were lining up already =.='' ran to toilet, wore my baju kurung on top and ran back. Now I'm already wearing 3 layers @@!

Later after that, took picture with Sparklerz and sold the barang-barang =). Walked home..alone as usual =) Then after bathing, went back to school..took class picture with stupid wind in the wrong direction...! Lol..and Cammie ask your darling Kaegan to stop killing my braincells :O.

Oh yeahh!! and I learnt how to write another name in chinese/jawi :D lalalalalal JAWI'S HARD !!! still practising all the curly fries with dots hahaha. Azfar and Aqila taught me jawi while Sing Peng taught me chinese haha! =) Okay gotta go do some planning @@...! BAI

and thanks Esther,Xing,Annesha,Jess,Mich,Cammie,Daph,Matt for confirming =)
Kaegan,Zhu En,Aidan,Ricky,Chunny,John,Chris,Chris and Chris left to confirm :D

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