Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Audrey got PUNK'D bad !!!

at approximately 11:45pm on 1st April 2008, I got april fooled by the worst trick I've ever had in my entire LIFE by the one and only Shaun Kang Jia Wei x)

Firstly, around 1 hour before this, I was talking to Shaun on the phone and he already went to SLEEP. So I thought he was SLEEPING. that's why I really fell for this trick bad.

When I was closing my mum's door cause I was talking to her, suddenly my phone vibrated ..I was thinking who would call at this hour..I looked at my phone and Shaun's picture came out and so I quickly pressed answer.

Me:..eh..how come you're not asleep..what's wrong?? -bad thoughts started pouring in-
Shaun:...I'm going to the hospital now...
Me:...what happened?? Are You okay....?? - tears started to form-
Shaun:...I started coughing out blood just now..
Me:....how much blood...? Is it alot..? -because before this he was ill..he always is T.T-
Shaun:...quite alot...
Me:...omg omg...-tears started pouring down already- Shaun..how..how..ugh...TT I was going to burst out in tears already T.T
Shaun:...Audrey.....APRIL FOOLS
Me: -collapses on my bed-
Me: Shaunnnnnnn.....-screams and laughs and cries at the same time-
Shaun: omg that was classicccc xD!!! -still laughing like mad-
Me: omggg I REALLY BELIEVED YOU!! You you you !! your life was on the line larhhh TT
Shaun: Xx omg are you crying? dont cry lahh !! wait..are you laughing or crying??
Me: both x)
Shaun: I wanted to take it further by saying the doctor said I had cancer in my lungs but then you were already like that so I didn't hahahahaha

lol..Shaun you just made pure history in my life by scaring me to death on April Fools lol
If you were seriously telling the truth, I would have dragged my dad out to send me straight to SJMC to see you lol..NO JOKE!!
CONGRATULATIONS! once again for making history

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