Thursday, 3 April 2008

banyak moody

Today was a very EMO day. Before school got scolded..okay So walked to school with a bad mood and an empty stomach...I didn't have the mood to eat much. So walked there..then after Moral it was English..So I went to collect the materials from the shelf at the staffroom..the materials from Puan Rohana to decorate the KH table in the Library..

Pengetua wanted every table in the library to have one subject each or it'll be one table = two subjects. Confused? meaning below the glass of the table, there'll be pictures or explanations about the I had to do the KH one..all by myself == sad case right? Didn't have much time as I didn't know which table I was supposed to do it on..teacher didn't tell I used Puan Rina's phone..Puan Rohana her ownself didn't know..=.= so I had to run around to find out was table 13 ( the first one )

BUT THENNN..table 13 was already decorated ==. So I just did the cutting and pasting and decorating without placing it under a table first. Just kept it in the huge envelope. I skipped recess just to finish pasting the pictures and descriptions. UGH. So then after that..maths also I was still in a bad mood. Sorry for those I didn't help in maths. my mood was messed up from my frustratedness. But I could finish it during PJ time..the cutting and pasting..because it started to rain so no PJ =) but tomorrow I gotta find out which table I'm suppose to decorate :S and do it

And i'm HAPPIE causeee finally all my transport arrangement for Revolution Partay worked out !!
Esther,Xing,Annesha,Jess - Annesha will fetch..Kaegan,Ricky,Zhu En and Aidan - Kaegan will fetch..Mich and Cammie - Cammie will fetch..Matthew also following his brother..and Daphne I'm trying to persuade to come =D! So all together IF daphne can come which is a 99% ;D i'm bringing 12 people woo :O oh wait ! 13 people ! Kaegan's brother, Kenneth also coming hahahaha

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