Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Darren exposeddd =O

Haha These are some pictures I took at school yesterday when I came for co-curriculum =). Lol oh and guess what !! I just found a cut above my lip and few cuts on my hand..which I didn't know of..actually the cut above my lip was found by Carmen..I found the cuts on my hand unconsciously :O I didn't even know I had cuts !

Jee Wa hahaha and his friends which I do not know :O

Look at the forced look on Esther's face to take picture :D
Man can you believe she's form four :O?? My wonderful grandniece :D

5 Science 1 :D Lol don't blame me for the horrible quality
I was standing far far away :)

Constipated Gorjie :D

Me and Carmen who used my phone cam to see how her hair looked like before she went to take her class picture =.=''

Oh yeah :D Guess what just happened x)? I was calling Darren to ask stuff about Revo Party..and then I was wondering why he took so long to pick up and thought he was in tuition..Well I was right LOL

-Darren picks up-: ..Im in tuition
Me: err so that means I can't talk right?
Darren: sms me sms me..
Teacher in the background : Sape tu?
Darren : Girlfriend lah teacher. girlfriend
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAH okay bye ! :D

Lol have fun being kena zha by your teacher already hahah!! who asked you to answer with that answer hahahah.

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