Sunday, 20 April 2008

day at church :O

woke up surprisingly early! before my alarm even rang..then got up..changed..quiet time.. Joel came and fetched me...Then went least today Joneil was with me and Jerard..compared to last week =.=''..I loved praise and worshippp yeayyy xD all the way and set me free =D I love those songs hahah!

Then Pas Kenneth started preaching..haha it was funny :O! Then I made another new friend :D Joel Chiong haha weeee..he looks so much like Wilson weihhh. rambut sama ;D. Then after actspresso, me,Philip,Joel and Joy went makan tomyam x)..Then after that came back to church..because Philip had to do then Joel wanted to change his home to the same home as Wee Liem's one..LOL and if you wantd to change home, you had to give a reason

and this was his reason -.-

sweattttt :)
and and and Ben-Ji told me more lame jokes..yes another person who likes lame jokes like meee =D !! hahaha and I slept at 3:45am this morning why? Because I was making a cover for my iPod since I'm very very poor and can't afford a cover :D so why not improvise and make your own?
The front
The back.
I didn't colour the original iPod mind you~! It's just a cover =)..I would never harm my own iDrey :) yesh I named it iDrey hahahaha! weee :D

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