Sunday, 6 April 2008

Fund Raiserrrr :O

Woke up at ready for church..then around 1030 nikki Su Chee's car hahaha. His car broke down yesterday :O Then picked Yi Wei up and reached church at 11am xD...Teenacity section kept screaming when announcements were made about Teenacity :P. Then also Darren and Jeremy made an announcement! You rocked guys!!

After that, had fund raiser for Teenacity Revolution Party by selling Lollipops for RM3 MINIMUM. It was awesome ! some gave RM50 dude ! Haha I went walking around with my poster I made very last minute yesterday which looked terrible and I threw it away later :D!

Then after that me,Joben,Kylie,her sis and Justina went to Mandy's for lunch..after lunch went back to church for meeting! Well, I was not supposed to be there, it's just cause Nikki was supposed to be there and he was supposed to send me back so yeah. To keep my self occupied I started playing with the Rubik Wee Liem got the hype and ran down to Summit to get one haha..and it all started with Ken-Ji =).

Lol I really do have lack of sleep as if that's not enough, PMS rocks my socks!! == I couldn't even walk properly for goodness sake. Sit down also feel nauseous. I just didn't want to move at all. After that, Siau Ying took out the lights for me to test..thanks so much all the people who helped me untangle all the lights..=) really really a great help..Especially SCHAEFER who was so genius and fixed two whole string of lights :D. Then Alvin sent me,Shaun and Nikki back..finally I'm back home! Pray for me T.T I'm really stressing for this Revolution Party..

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