Friday, 11 April 2008


Woke up at 9am walked to school and sold more food during recess..after recess I just stayed back at school and hung out with Jin Wing,Hikari,Priscilla and Dominique to do some board thingy..

zomg Candid Jin Wing..natural poser !!

Hikari Oh ~~ and no he's not any part japanese =)

Priscilla~! Then I stayed back and studied in the canteen..for Bible quiz !! omg !! I found out must read another extra 2 chapters..So me and Esther started screening through super quickly..Subjective is harddd !! Darren!! how can you say that's easier than Objective???

Anyways..came back..did some chores..Dad sent me to Acts..and I reached EXACTLY on 4.30 and what do I see? a grill =.='' church wasn't OPEN YET !! So I stared at the ceiling. and I was actually guessing which lift would go up first. That was how bored I was..Then Keith and Ingrid appeared!! HooraahhH!! So syok sendiri-ing came in.

I just noticed my legs are like retarded :O like my joints are broken or something

Me,Ingrid,Keith :D

Then Pastor Andy came!! yippee!! Well malaysian timing went well =.= Decoration started way late..but Omg you guys are like AWESOME. All the decoration went up..
Thanks Pr. Andy + Darren for helping with the registration one..Darren is awesome since he's way taller and I can't reach =.= I was jumping like an idiot to reach..I KNOW I'M SHORT =.=

Thanks Joben and Wendy for the sitting area..and thanks Ken-ji and Wern Nie for the lightings..and of course all the people who got the banner omgg you guys are like AWESOMEEE!!
well some are starting to fall but nooo!! I'll stick it back tomorrow ;D. Actstream practice was awesome too!! Lol I was jumping while playing the keyboard weih :O.

Anyways..after cleaning was already 12am..Then I went back with Joel and Vidy..Joel and me went to ta pao some food..( I didn't eat breakfast,lunch,dinner except a roti boy thanks to Ken-Ji and a fishball from Darren ) So we ta pao-ed MI GORENG BABI. serious :D hahaha awesomeness right!! Thanks for paying the extra 30 sen hahaha.

P.s Thanks sooo much to Jess, Xing and Annesha who FFK MEEEEE T.T

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