Tuesday, 22 April 2008

iDrey disaster :O

Went to school in the morn for co-cu..then after ticking all the attendance for the games as usual we all sat in the walkway listening to songs and exchanging songs and taking pictures and don't know what else @@. So I brought my iDrey along..knowing that we would be sending songs alot so let them listen lah..So yeah..Jess and Nesha had no clue how to operate it..so yeah I dunno what happened...-.- when I reached home and switched my iDrey on it just stucked there. STUCK. couldn't move. couldn't plug in da computer..( it was corrupted said by the pc ). I panicked like gila and emo-ed the whole day :D You should have seen my super dead face =X

oh yeah then me,Jess and Annesha were sitting near the canteen..
we saw flower power (the papaya shaped one xD) with her little flower power elves xD

me n jess take 1

me n jess take 2 =P at the small pondok there..and we found Annesha's cousin!! an ant :O watch :O and be amazeddd hahahaha.
Jess killed him in the end T.T... a moment of anty silence...






I took my emoness out on squishy and scribbled all over his table..sing peng sing peng sing peng sing peng and more =P the funny part was..he didn't notice till Derrick pointed it out to him and he was like "MY TABLE!!!?????" Lol he refused to do any BM work ( he also didn't bring his books haha ) His face was priceless :O...

After school ended saw Jun Hung and Wai Yip in the canteen..talk talk talk talk x) it was still raining..but it soon became lighter..but still there was thunder and lightning..after waiting till ...7.10 like that his transport still didn't come..but it was very dark already T.T So yeah I ran home..RAN. It was lightning everywhere and thunder everywhere T.T I panicked and ran home nonstop..=) I love the rain. Just don't love the lightnin and thunder. =)

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