Sunday, 13 April 2008

Planetshakers 2008!

In the Morning..Joel fetched me to church..and David Gan fetched me ready..Sam was supposed to send me to PS08..but then he wanted to go later..So i asked Jon gorgor whether Kevin could fetch me since Kev's fetching him..Kev reached my house in less than 5 minutes LOL.

Jon gorgor candid :D
Wilson was also in the car..we reached City Church KL..the doors weren't open yet..So when it did we got quite near seats..Lets see who I met altogether..

Hin Loong gorgor,Kevin Quah,Grace Ong,Johnny,Ivan,Kay Jin,Kay Yen,(more banting orangs)Wen Li,Jo Ling,Kenny(I dunno how 2 spell ur name TT i know this isn't it),Eunice,Tze Yu,Iana,Inez,Iain,Zech,Nick Chen,Elson,lots of FGA-ians,Tze Lin,Darren the drummer from Bus Company haha he was beside me during praise and worship =3 *kyaaaa*,Esther.G,Tabitha, banyak lagi :O

I sat beside Kay Jin and Jon gorgor..Praise and worship was awesome..Was right infront jumping like a maniac ;) Sweat dripping ;O..Mike Webber din't come =C.
Then when we went back to our seats =.= it was taken. So we sat on the floor..then more chairs started coming out so I sat with Jon with Jin behind =) Message was awesome =)..Then after that they released their latest album "free" in Msia..but I already have the songs thanks to a certain someone in Aussie right now =3.

Wilson sudah dipotongggg :O

Me and Jon gorgorrr

We were waiting for the SUPER long queue to pay for the car ticket..So why not take a picture :D!

Me and Wen Li with a squashed Zechary behind LOL

Me and Jinjin~~~

Joshua Kok! YOU ignored meeeeee..Then in the end we found out you didn't have to pay for the car ticket =.=''!! So we just drove off..correction,Kevin drove and we went to Asia Cafe to makan :D

Kevin ! =) Then after eating and chatting..I ate takoyaki! =D couldn't finish @@... Then Wilson went to FTZ for like 10 minutes to check his timetable online..(no internet at home)..then we went up to play pool..Me and Wilson jadi tiang lampu and watched them play

Kevin bergaya lorrrr

GOR TOO SHORTTTTTTTT !!! =3 hahahahaha joking larh =) You're still taller than me don't worry x)..Jon gorgor beat Kevin :D LOL happy with the correction now? Don't worry you're still wayy wayy pro-er than me..I shall never play pool ever again T.T played once and failed :D
Then after that..Kevin sent me back home said goodbyeee and...can't wait to see you again Jon gorgor =) miss youu

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