Thursday, 17 April 2008

school is farn =)

woke up as usual in the morning..went to school..sold cakes chocolates and muffins!! Then after that..spent my 1-2 hours talking to adrian in the canteen hahah what else to do? xD I just talk with anyone that is in the canteen..(IF I KNOW THEM) haha..Then after that finally sold everything :O..awesome!! thanks for all the guys who bought all the chocolate lol you fat pigs =) xD joking!! and Ainnal is soooo adorableee :) Aizzal's younger brother..he's like a mini Alfi..or a form 1 Alfi..hahaha he's so short and cute :O

Then I made a new friend! Maison :D Haha a transfer from Smsj which was from Smk ss17 and came back to smk ss17 haha..form 4 =D he didn't buy my muffin =C..coz he treated Nicky lunch which cost rm44 =.= so i can't bug him..for 44 days -.-''?? Lame excuse!! The kadet polis marching is like sooo synchronized :O amazing! Hahah they were marching in the rain! coolness!!

Anyways tomorrow is the LASTTTTT day Sparklerz will be selling food okay!!! So..PLEASE BUY =C...I appreciate each and everyone of you x)..Selling food has been fun :D i made few more friends !! x) its A-W-E S-O-M-E awesome awesome Totallyyy xD! lmao I'm going high :D

P.s Photoshop dl failed -.-'' So Wei Yng introduced GIMP to me x) it's quite similar..Yet I'm too dumb to know how to operate it x) I just know the SUPER basic..Give me some time and I'll master it :D in few years :O~~

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