Tuesday, 29 April 2008

squish got squish'd :O

x) went to school..at like..7:20 in the morning..my eyes were like..practically super sepeted! Haha..went there..met up with Sing Peng etc in the canteen..all the others who were recieving prizes too..Then of course malaysian timing is absolutely fabulous and since its just a dry run it started around 9am =.=...and of course with all the wonderful speeches which were fortunately cut short..I read KH throughout the speeches =.=...Then finally after practising..we all got half a sandwich for free Lmao~.. don't know why..but yeah we did!

Haha went around during recess..after chatting with people..and soon the bell rang..and they all went back =C..but at least Nicky,Airina,Viv and Maison were still in the canteen for a while longer..chatted with them till they went off and then I started my Seni text book run thru..omg I almost slept -.-'' why can't seni stick to drawings?? No stupid text books -.-! Hikari came down secretly from his class..xD he treated me woohoo ! lol..I was so stupid I forgot to bring my wallet..so yeah no lunch :O..but I bought a drink!! =D was thirsty larh..Malaysia's burning hot..global warming!!

Then..finally school bell rang!!! Freedom :O...Then went up to class..awesomely all the teachers had meeting till recess!!! how awesome was that?? so yeah..i studied..abit..failed and continued laughing like mad people with esther,jess and annesha..all the lame yo momma jokes started pouring out..haha..Then I got up and Jess sat on my chair..she insisted for me to sit on her == so yeah..I did..lol she was like..eh dude you not heavy at all larh dude..( I was expecting her skinny legs to break into a thousand pieces by then ) hahaha but the funny part was when I got up..her pinafore was reironed by me..and when she checked her thigh, the whole leg had patterns all over it..it looked like whip marks..lol actually it was the after effect of her skirt + me pressed on her legs. Lol me and esther were so fascinated we pulled her whole skirt up just to see her thigh properly LMAO but she pulled it down (darn!)

Lol eh this is not called obscene..for Jess right..it's SOOo normal to check each other out =.='' she did terrible stuff to me omgawsh. Nvm!! Then recess came! went down to see the tailor for Sparklerz..we got measured etc..lawl now I finally know what's my waist omg =.= I'm like a giantttt eek !! and and errr other measurements of my other parts :O lol...forget that xD!

Then went back up to class..then we had art!! went to art room..and sat with Sing Peng and Amanda since the other trio took one table -.-. LOL Amanda is so sad..she lost her voice and was talking to us by writing in a memo pad HAHA..Then after that..Squishy pulled up his chair beside me..and of course the wonderful people behind were like..AUDREY GET AWAY LARHHH switch place with Squishy!! OIKKK...(duh cause I was between CHON and SP) but hey =.= the table on the side isn't comfortable to sit !!

Hahaha then...I started feeling..drowsy and sick so I decided to take a nap..I finished my work so teacher didn't mind =)..I slept..then SP was also sleepy so she slept..on my shoulder :P I could sense the wee wee jealousy of Squishy coming towards me..like those animes..LMAO! kesian betul =P...then we had FREE PERIOD WOOOO!!!

This was what happened..it was so funny..but it's really. You know form 2 history has alot of perjanjian's in it? we made one literally in black and white

syarat-syarat :
1) Esther,Audrey,Cammie,Michelle,Yan Qin,Emelia dan Jaganes tidak dibenarkan menggunakan perkataan-perkataan yang tidak baik seperti...(aiyarh you all should know =.=)
2) Jika sesiapa mengatakan sepatah perkataan yang tidak baik, dia akan ditampar dan dia kena membelanja semua 6 orang yang lain Rm1 setiap orang iaitu RM6 seluruhnya.

Hahahah actually I already don't say bad words..but it was so fun because Yan Qin and Emelia were doing this so we just joined in for the fun ( hey we get to be treated if they say bad words LOL ) And it was SOO official like that..all of us had to put in our full name,signature and IC number hahaha!! It was funny :O

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