Thursday, 3 April 2008

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First Name : Audrey Chew Ernern =) wee REMEMBER THAT
Nickname : Dreydrey,hippo,tamiko,spastic grandma,dumpling LOL
Name you wish you had : hmmm I love it as it is
What do people normally mistake your name as : Owdree (pronounciation),Andrea,Andrew etc
Birthday : 6th january! remember that
Birthplace : SJMC =)
Time of Birth : 1:14pm I think
Single or taken : Single =) till 18
Zodiac sign : Capricorny!

-Your Appearance-
How tall are you = 160 cm? I difference I'm short..=.=
Wish you were taller = Yes yes yes TT
Eye colour = Darkish brown
Eye colour you want = Hazely =).
Natural Hair colour = Brownish =) abit
Current Hair colour = Brownish =) abit hahaha
Short or long hair = Longish

Ever dyed your hair a bizarre color = spray counted :O? blue, pink haha
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair = errr hair just went totally wrong
Glasses or contacts = Glasses TT darn it
Do you wear make-up = yeah =)
Ever had hair extensions = nooo!!.
Paint your nails = course =)

-In the opposite gender-
What colour eyes = Anythinggg =)
What colour hair = haha anything lah
Shy or Outgoing = Outgoing ! XD I orang gila lah how haha
Looks or personality = Personality duh ^^
Sexy or Cute = sexute hahaha
Serious or Fun = both..=)
Older or Younger than you = OLDER!!
A turn on = Tall =P aiyarh leng zai watever lah haha
A turn off = short T.T.

-This or that-
Flowers or Chocolates = Flowers =). Chocs are sinful TT
Pepsi or Coke = Pepsi!
Rap or Rock = Depends~
Relationship or One night stand = Relationship =)
School or Work = School!!
Love or Money = I love you
Movies or Music = MUSIC
Country or City = City !
Sunny or Rainy days = rainy
Friends or Family = both important

-Have you ever-
Lied = not anymore
Stole something = yeah...I was 6 okay
Smoked = EW GROSSS
Hurt someone close to you = Yeah...sorry
Broke someone's heart = I guess...TT
Had your heart broken =
Exactly Wondered what was wrong with you = yeah...TT
Wish you were a prince/princess = Lol no
Liked someone who was taken = erhhh he WAS taken before?
Shaved your head = OMG NO Been in love = Yeah...still am
Used chopsticks = haha of course...
Sang in the mirror to yourself = hahahaha yes.

Flower = tulips..roses..
Candy = Sour Power :O and and chocs !!
Song = When I'm with you - Faberdrive
Scent = Xx just smell nice haha
Colour = Pink,baby blue,lilac,black
Movie = mmm any romantic one larh :)
Singer = Haha don't really have a fav
Junk food = hmm..chocolatey stuff..emm..dried fruits :O?
Website = mm..blogskins hahah
Location = Bali =) banyak memories
Animal = sheeeepppp!!! baaaaa
Ever cried over someone = many times
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself = Get thinner?!!
Do you think you're attractive = total OPPOSITE
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose = hmm..none. it's just too fake
Do you play any sports = cheerleading!

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1) I am Lame
2) I like to play computer =)
3) annoying people is funnn xD
4) Art roxxo :)
5) Anime also roxxo !
6) I love GOD!
7) I love him =)
8) I love my fwenz :D

8 people I tag:
Jon Gorgor
Chan Tong haha
errr..Kylie =)

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