Thursday, 10 April 2008

Tight Tight schedule =O

Lets see what's gonna happen starting from tomorrow till sunday :D

9.00am-wake up
9.45am-go school to sell food for Sparklerz
11am-after selling, go canteen and study the Bible for quiz later
12.30pm-Morning session ends..Bible quiz starts
2.30pm-quiz ends go home
4.00pm-Schaefer picks me to go church
4.30pm-decoration for Revolution Party
7.30pm-Dry run for Revolution Party then Actstream practice
1.00am- reach home

8.00am-cheer practice
1.00pm-come back home
4.00pm-go church
7.00pm-Teenacity Revolution Party Starts
11.00pm++ Then I'll go home

9.30am-wake up
10.30am-go church
1-2pm-go home
4pm-Go Planetshakers 2008 @ City Church KL
8-9pm-come home x)

That's my weekend hahaha

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