Monday, 21 April 2008

wee wang wang~

hahaha went to school and me and squish started making fun of Jessica the Hippo AHHAHA. It was fun...Then anyways my shoulders and elbows are still aching..grrr..Thankfully Esther massaged me woohoo!! -rejoice rejoice- It was soooo gooodddddd ( man that sounds wrong )
Azfar gave me a cupcake woo hoo :D. During maths was FUN :D

While doing my work every..1 minute this would happen -.-
Squish or Syaddad or Azfar : audrey borrow book!!!
then they would give back my book. Then the next 1 minute
Squish or Syaddad or Azfar : audrey borrow book again!! -.-

Then halfway I was chatting with Esther..and she asked me to see whether the question was right or being my fat lazy self didn't care to move my chair closer to hers and just leaned on 2 legs ending up with the chair bending its leg too much and a crash on the floor :D. I attempted to get up and fell again :D wonderful isn't it =.=? I finished my work and had nothing better to do so I started chating with En.Azreen ( he rocks man)

Me: hey teacherrr x) how many kids you got ah?
En.A: 4 =)
I was thinking -zomg you're like 30 something and already have 4 kids-
Me: xD wahhh teacherrr you very active hor!!
-whole class laughs gila loud for so gila long.. saying..Audrey~!! u dirty minded weihh!!!-
Me: eh it's true lah ! science =D its a fact!!
En.A: yah!! it's truee I power ma =D ( shows his muscles xD )
- whole class laughs like mad again -

and summore his oldest child is already 10 years old..and now he's only erh..35 i guess? so young to have a 10 year old kid :O. Then at the end of the day..I went to bus stop as usual and realized I left all my money in the desk -.-'' I ran up the teachers stairs ( too panic already ) ran ran ran ran ..reached there..ran ran ran ran back down. zomg my money's safe -phew- eh i was terrified okay!

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