Wednesday, 30 April 2008

chipsmore =O MORE CHIPS ;)

omgawsh now that I look at my post I did yesterday O.o..I wonder why was I so emo lol..I myself also went heh @@? maybe maybe it was my evil twin :O and I didn't do it :O...
okay forget that :D anyways...

YEAYYY tomorrow is is is a HOLIDAYYY!!!!!!! aha~ oh yeah ~ aha ~ oh yeah! LOL I actualy just found out it was a holiday yesterday :O...I didn't realise labour day was around the corner..=)! But yeahh it I was the last to know =.='' stupid right? Hahaha yeah..I get to....sleeeeeepppppppp * snores like a pig * hahah but please don't wake me up by calling me =.='' unless you're esther,shaun or jon lol. those people I allow hahaha.

yeahh...=.= like esther wonderfully called me this morning..
Est: aud!!
me: arh..
Est: my printer take so longg to print out the geo things
me: arh...
Est: can you print for me??
me: (thinks like a snail) erh..I already told you last time my printer no more ink...
Est: I thought you already refilled by now xP
me: i can't larh fattish...
Est: aiyorhh then howwww
me: ask jess larh...
Est: annesha said she's sleeping and she won't wake up when her phone rings
me: arh...okie...ask someone larh...( super dead )
Est: erhh okay you can go back to sleep bai!!
me: arh...bye...

BUTTT after that..cannot sleep already =.= no matter how much I tried..EESH. I hate my sensitiveness when I sleep..if you come in my room right..I can hear you and I'll wake up straight away =.=''

got up..went to school and I brought chipsmore! lol one whole packet :O..during english I passed around to others..practically 3/4 of the packet were eaten by the others..this is what happens when hungry guys are around you =.='' Lol then me and Esther were bored so then we decided to do what we did last time again.

I put one cookie in my mouth..but half of it is sticking out. then she'll come and bite the otherside technically our lips will be super close but then we are already pro at it ;D Then then, squishy was like ZOMG LESBIAN. hahaha. Then we took atleast 4 times just to finish one cookie..BUT..this time..the last time..our bottom lip GRAZED against each other ;O.
Lollll this is the first time I kissed a girl lip to lip LOLLL. wait wait..its not counted ! it just grazed :O. didn't have assembly so we just stayed in class while Loh was marking our books..but it was so funny since everyone had to requeue up because once u get one wrong you have to go correct it and line up again LOL. and it was 2 chapters worth of work in the science process skill..Thankfully I lined up once :D

Then then I was infront of squishy ( as usual he was singing kiss kiss and apologize in a super high tone ) lol then then it was so funny cause he stopped singing then when he resumed, I sang along exactly at the same time same song same line. we started laughing like mad :O.

After school as usual me,Charissa and Kuok Hoe bought the..dried sotong with sugar one!The one in the little packet and only costs 30 sen :D It's so niceee..we bought it from the van that always goes around our area and stops by the school..Haha Then me,Ricky,Kuok Hoe and Junior walked home together :O..Lol this is what happens when you stay in the same row as your school mates Lol..if we walked altogether actually there are 2 more girls but they normally go back home straightaway xD What I can see :D Junior is growing upppp!! He has changed since.....he was like..4 years old while life was so fun and all we did was go to each others houses LOL.

chiao !! Sonya (my sister) came back from Kedah for the weekend :O gonna go see her =D

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