Thursday, 24 April 2008

weehooo =)

School school school =)..lemme was fun with azfar and ricky calling me sis almost every time they talk to me..hahah azfar was the most..Yogendran is like the distant bro xD who hardly talks and all he does is kawad kawad kawad ( if you don't get the bro sis thing, read my previous post xD ) Hmmm lets see...oh yeahh Sparklerz supporter shirts are finally finished!!!

I passed out the shirts this afternoon which were in a huge red plastic bag..when I went into class this were the reactions I got -.-''

Choon Thye: its a hot air balloon!!
Esther: you look like Santa Claus !

=.='' wow. How lameee can you guys get..See Teenacity orangs..this is where I get my lameness from! We all contribute our own lameness in class and make ourselves lamer and lamer each day :O! Ps. I totally suck in Maths..really!!!! ZOMGGG stupid larh ...I'm getting sooo stupid..-waaaaa- sob sob sob..anyways anyways..ayh I feel like exploding larh..Sejarah masuk sejarah keluar..i read the book but I just read and NOTHING goes in -sobsobsob-

pray 4 meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! mao =C Exam is on May 12th..Cheer competition is on July 12th..AH :O anything happening on June 12th I also don't know haha! Anyways..tomorrow is Homes first outing and we're all going bowling!!!!!! weee I'm gonna die!!! I never bowled in my entire life =.='' eep! I'm gonna MATTIII DOHHH. I can imagine..sure all..gutter..gutter..gutter EEEE. pray that I won't make a fool of my self and drop the bowling ball on my own foot :D

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