Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Happie birthday Yogendran fish ball eyes :O!
but I pity him so much as on his birthday rumours were all around school and soon it was reported to the teacher and then he got in trouble for a rumour which didn't happen and Puan Siva started pulling out all the couples from form 2 and started scolding them etc. Man it was horrible =C girls were crying everywhere :S

So anyways tomorrow I gotta help Puan Rohana..correction I have to do the whole KH big big board thing for Pn. Rohana.. So..I get to skip english tomorrow and I don't have to copy down the homework :D she'll photostat it for me *woohoo!* I wanted to go smash Puan Loh again =) stupid UGHH !! don't insult Wei Liang infront of the whole class larh ish !! Insult me I don't care at all, but you insult my friends I'm gonna blow your car up :D

Anyways..Went home, went online..was chatting with Wei Liang and then he was like

Gorjie:hey Aud, I saw this guy just now in Pyramid - shows me Jon gorgor's picture online-
Me: HEH? really? omg ! where?
Gorjie: he was playing Inital D with Aidan
Me: yeerrrr no fair..

so anyways I asked Jon gorgor and this was how he described Aidan :D
small size guy wearing specs :D hahahaha aidan bryan choo jian wannn :D small size guy wearing specs. memang betul :O!

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