Wednesday, 21 May 2008


okay ! What am I doing blogging my 4th blog for the day since exam technically ended to me? Actually, I have absolutely no idea =)! I TRIED to study PJ because tomorrow there's a PJK paper but it's not included in the positioning so I don't really bother, but I TRIED and almost fell asleep o.o but I did some touching up for my art that I'm gonna do tomorrow..the typical topic I always pick...

I'm gonna draw a poster typically..about what? about "Dadah membunuh" haha i think I've done this topic probably more than 10 times in my entire life..literally..I still remember in primary school when I used to go for art competitions..Dadah was always the topic until I got sick of it..yet I'm so used to it so why not do something I'm better at than the others?

So lets see what's planned out for me during the holidays shall we? ^^

May 23/Fri - not sure whether I'm going school for Teacher's Day..gonna spend the afternoon baking Samuel's birthday cake.

May 24/Sat - cheer at 8am-12pm, watching Prince Caspian with Tcity-ians at around..1 something.. and then continue with Teenacity for camp briefing at 5pm till 7 something..rush home for my brother's birthday party

May 25/Sun - go church =)

May 26/Mon - cheer practice 8am-4pm

May 27/Tues - cheer practice 8am-4pm

May 28/Wed - cheer practice 8am-4pm , 6:30pm Jess fetches me to Sean's house and go off to
Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra ( KLCC ) for Sean's birthday

May 29-31- TEENACITY CAMP !!!

June 2-6 - cheer practice 8am - 4pm

June 8 - a so called surprise meeting with Sherman Gorgor

I know most of you might it's so cool ! your holidays are all filled up! Well..actually I wish they weren't so I can actually go out with my friends..I really MISSSSSSS Shaun!! I've only gone out with him like..twice in my life?(not including his house =P) Chee kin and the whole seafield gang..go out with my grandmas..go out with Andy and Keith gorgor also..aih =C I haven't seen them for months..excluding the grandmas which I see them daily -.- and live on the same row as two of them.hahaha actually I also wanna go out with Jon gorgor =P but his holidays aren't till end of his exams start when our normal school resumes so oh well :) I'll go out with him when he's free * in a million yearsss !! * hahaha

Pray that I'll probably have one or 2 days off...TT I'm gonna be so pooped out !!

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