Monday, 19 May 2008

birthday frenzy =)

21st May
a very happy birthday to my captain Nicky!! Its your enambelas manis :O
Under all her innocent smiles and cute face
DON'T BE FOOOLEEEDDD * she's evil :P *
hahahaha but she's the best captain everrr :O

22nd may
Happie bday to my gay brother sammy-kunz :O omg this picture was when his hair was still...HAHAHAH! nevermind he doesn't look like that now =P Thanks for being my psychotic,hyper,sexy *man that sounded weird*, whatever you wanna describe yourself :P
You're 18 :O..sudah budak college dah x)

23rd May
happie bday to christinaaa hahaha this is such an old picture too..Last year's valentines day :O
hahaha she's still as pretty as ever! I still remember you mannn x) Don't think just because I haven't seen you for AGES cause I'm not in SJGC anymore..doesn't mean I forgot you... =)


24th may
Hafiz Aimannnn =3 the cute little boy which I used to take care of for 3 years as a prefect in my primary school days x) I think i should go back to our old school this friday..hmmm should I go and visit xP see whether I'm gonna go to my school for teachers day or not x) if not..I think I wanna go back =C haven't gone there for such a LONG time...miss it =p

I just updated all the bdays incase I'm busy during exam which I will be free on WEDNESDAY YEAH ! (thursday is arts so no problem) hahahahaha it's...just...TWO MORE DAYS I CAN MAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!PRAY FOR ME..WED = HISTORY ;O

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