Friday, 23 May 2008


sometimes..I feel like I wanna change my something else..yet I hold back..yet I want to..just done talking to Jay..I guess..i'm gonna change one part of's..gonna be real hard..haiz.. all those people that know me..that's reading this..I'm already having enough coping with my life...Most of you know I don't want to have a boy friend till I'm 18 and when I make the choice I mean it. There's gonna be many challenges yes I know and I am going through them.
Don't keep asking..

"then who you gonna be with when you're 18 , him ah?" or
" are you sure you can make it till 18..surely you'll have another bf"

I do not CARE what you guys think.This is between me,myself and God. How should I know the future? How should I know what's gonna happen? I can't predict the future, all I can do is depend on God and surrender my all to Him. If you wanna scorn at me saying that I'll never make it, scorn all you like , as if I care zilch about it. Okay..I'm just really stressed about this..I just wanna say it to make you know how serious I am about this.

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