Tuesday, 13 May 2008

bugga bugga bumbum~

ignore the title. i just didn't have anything else in mind hahahaha. Well!! Today's the 2nd day of exam..and so far it was all paper 2s...( I'M SO GONNA DIE ) xD lemme see..yesterday during BM I almost ran out of time..first time ever..as they give us like super long time -.-'' and..during Geography I felt like fainting..(literally..) and..then today during Maths I did such a stupid mistake..WHO IN THE WORLD GETS WRONG FOR THE 1ST QUESTION???...*ARGH*

Well..tomorrow there's moral and science..!!! yeay science :O..haha..pray for me that I won't be sick anymore =C..well there is an improvement today..as I didn't wake up at all during the night..meanwhile the night before I woke up every 30 minutes literally...@@ couldn't stop coughing..but I didn't wake up at all last night :O..anyways..I gotta go..moral and science books await me =)

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