Monday, 19 May 2008

The curvey~~

Woke up and realised..IT'S A HOLIDAY WEEEE *dances with toy shaun* ahahaha changed and went of to..THE CURVE hahaha mum said it was okay to go now! Yay! Went there and voila o.o there was a dozen parking lots empty o.o wow? On a public holiday? hahaha God was good :O...walked around..and I got sean's present! Couldn't find other things to buy for the others =.= Ayh..too late to go out and get the presents already since the birthdays are all this week -.-'' don't know what to get also.. Then we went to have lunch at..KIMGARY YAY! me like!

I had seafood cheese baked rice :) yummmm

and my favourite iced ying yong :D! slurrp ;P

Mum was fasting so had..cheese baked veggie..the cheese was like..SO CHEESY O.O
Then walked around..was lookin for low heels..went to Vincci..ahhhh it was so niceeee =C but the price was RM80 -.-... members were 50% off..but then I asked the sales girl and the membership wasn't available now. =C Then I saw this dresssssss *drools* It was expensive too...RM80..*walks away with head full of misery*

Then walked around..mum was the one buying stuff -.- lol nevermind..* I shall persevere till sales start * Then got home..atleast I got sean's gift =) just a few more to go =.=...Wrapped it up :) decorated it...and...*drum rolls*

jeng jeng jeng! Here it is :) wanna know what's in it? find out on 28th May hahahaha!Then only it shall be revealed :O...

P.s. my shoe size is 8 =P ( i know I have clowns feet :P ) SOMEONE GET ME LOW HEELSSSS :D that I like lah :P if you donno my taste don't buy hahahaha

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