Wednesday, 14 May 2008

ekiiii blarghalapatala!!!

ARGHHH today I felt extremely dumb like a donkey or an idiot or whatever!! science paper like..*eep!!! * I mean..the questions are like ..*gah!!* I already lost 5 marks ahhhh!!! sniff sniff..Moral was extremely nice..out of all the papers I have sat for so's the easiest excluding english..because moral just have to memorise 14 nilai only marh :D compared to science which is 3 text's practically the whole subjective is writing all the nilais...for those who memorised it's like copying and pasting from your brain. MORAL WAS MUCH EASIER THAN SCIENCE TO ME !! ( others think I'm mad :D )

*sobsob* tomorrow is maths ,science and sivik..LOL sivik..I haven't even read one page of sivik :D wee~~~..anyways I'm SOOOO ANGRY at belanda !!! no not the country. Puan Belinda and her retarded blind eye :D ( wei yng without you I would have never found out it was blind, i just thought it was retarded since you're her NIECE *gawsh I'd die if I was her niece* )

Why? I'm angry causeeee she wants to chop of my hair yesh TT AGHH!
Why? They wanna cut of our hair cos of this reason
- your fringe blocks your sight if you bend down , if you cant see you cant read the white board, if you cant read, you can't learn, if you cant learn you'll get bad results for exam -
Look at all the IFS there!! They ASSUME . which makes an ass out of U and me (man I love this )

What kinda reason is this =.= ??? My hair lah! I wan get bad results up to me larhhh * like it even disturbs my eyesight -.- *AGHHH and and and if I don't pin it up tomorrow and forever more =.= they'll send a letter to my parents step one. and step two they'll just chop off my fringe and seeing how belanda's hair is I do NOT wanna end up looking like that. Summore belanda went to every single class and pulled out all the girls with long fringe..which technically is everyone

Soooo tomorrow they'll be an army of egg heads walking around school including moi least people like Yin Shi and Lee Wen look sooo pretty with their hair up while I look like an errupting volcano T.T Pimples attack T.T AHHHH I'm gonna look like a freak as if I don't already look bad enough T.T.
okay okay enough of all these nonsense! anyways, my mum got back from Germany a week ago..and of course the chocolates and sweets all come along :D ahahaha..and She bought one of my favvv :) I know it's found in Msia too..but i still like it!!
Nougat :D ( pronounced nuga according to shaun which I found out was right after checking the dictionary ) xD the wonderful pro who always corrects my english -.-
Anyways, most of you all don't know my downstairs toilet was renovated, and is now WAY nicer than the toilets upstairs..x) and even though it has been few weeks since it was renovated..I didn't go in even once hahahaha because last time it was really not nice to i never went downstairs for about ONE YEAR. So yeah..I went in just now to see how it looks like.. i like the sink :D It's transparent!
See :D TRANSPARENT ( transformers mum and dad get it :D? *lameness* )

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