Thursday, 22 May 2008

exam is OFFICIALLY over!!!!

weee this is how i look like when I go school now told yah I was an egg head :) anyways. today was the CRAZIEST and MOST fun exam I've had in my entire life !!! Today was like the most awesome day ever! many funny incidents happened.. for example during recess

-i was holding a cup of orange juice and esther emily bumped into me so it spilt all over my hand and I was with esther kee that time -
me: esther!! help me hold for watch'll get wet!
-esther takes the cup and I accidentally bump into her and she gets wet too-
esther : oii!!...-sees mun hong- MUN HONG! HIGH FIVE!
-mun hong puts his hand up and high fives-
mun hong: ewwwwww why so wet wannnnnn..
esther: orange juice :D

then before PJ exam, squishy got hurt real bad on his back..he got whacked by rishen and he fell to the floor and took several minutes to get up =C sad squishy. we all started calling sing peng to "revive'' him hahaha. PJ exam was like a machine gun target o.o..SHOOTTTT SHOOT SHOOT xD

Then during arts exam..mun hong was a disaster...
mun hong: i can't do this!!! it's so hard..I can't do anymore..*his paper had one coconut tree* ahhh i give up!!!
annesha: mun hong!! don't give up..come take another paper
-he started doing another-
mun hong: TT I CAN'T DO THISSS * super innocently *
then after that, when he passed it up..his paper was totally grey =.= and part of the paper was already torn off =.= then when he came back, his paper was still on the top.
mun hong: ahh?? why is it still on top!! later teacher will get a heart attack !!

esther's one was the funniest! She redid a 2nd paper because according to her the 1st wasn't good enough..but it was nice!! me and rishen became her "henchmen" ( time was almost up)

esther: audrey!! what colour should the background be??
audrey: take these 3 colours and mix ...ah nvm!! i'll mix it
esther: rishen!! dab the paper !! (he was having a cloth)
esther: audrey!! make summore paint!!
-mixes and accidentally pours like 1/4 of the blue paint inside the mixture-
esther: OIKKKK put more pink pink pink!
rishen: okay okay okay!! it's all dryy!! wait wait pinky..pinky..pinky come out!!
-1 drop goes in -
rishen: pinky came out!!! (LOL)
audrey: omggg so little??? aiyorhh!! come let me do =.=
time was running out so while esther painted with the brush, i put my finger in to the mixture and painted it as while LOL

that was the most hilarious..and we ended up having paint all over our hands..rishen's shirt became bluey :D hahaa..this was the funnest exam ever!

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