Saturday, 3 May 2008

hari anugerah + tcity!

Okay woke up in the stupid morning just to collect to was my smk ss17 hari anugerah..and it was to collect last year's end term exam prizes..

Dominoes gave out certs and vouchers for those who got 1st in class ahaha..

They also gave me this 1 pizza,free 1 pizza :O ( only for take out)
well I don't really GO to dominoes.but I guess i can lend it to anyone who wants for example when Tcity wants it hahaha cause I heard everyone's cards got expired and one card costs RM50 :O

and the KRK cert for getting 9As T.T and a setiupid B!!!!! for BM..
anyways of course who doesn't get bored during the wonderful speeches which one guy took approximately 1 hour just for his speech!!

me and Yune-Lyn!! she just came to get her cert..she shifted to seafield this year :O

benjamin YAAAAAAAAA...he came all the way down from genting!
He kept complaining it was hot hahah compared to there

hikari oh~~~ jin weng had a nicer shot of him in his camera :D

Jin Weng..the evil person who used me to get more food =.=

Gao Loong! the only form five who became kinda lost and lost everyone which went to the physics lab to do don't know what :O Then after school I walked home, dad fetched me and picked yi wei up and went to Summit..we walked around first and went to Mcd but Reuben and Villi suddenly couldn't come earlier so we just met them in Tcity after that

Anyways, went to Acts Church..Actstream practice started..I started freaking..because it was a new song which none of us knew except Philip hahaha..But somehow I learnt it..*phew*..then I became hyper since I could do it..

Tcity started and I went around being hyper :O..Then games started yeahh!!Prizes were displayed like normal..

Baanu was modelling the 7.1 megapix camera up for grabs!!! super poser...isn't she just HOT :D
Then I went up to play also...because Mun Cheng would only go up if I did. so yeah I went up with her..(omg she's soo adorable..she's like..AHHHHH kyaaaaa =3 the way she smiled and hid from schaefer was AHHHHh cuteness !!! )

Then my challenge was we had to draw as many animals that God showed to Peter to kill and eat..but we only had like 1 minute I think

This were the horrible animals I drew in like one minute..It was soooo rushed!!
and out of all that only the middle was counted because God said kill and eat 4 LEGGED animals.=.= crab has 8!! why cannot be counted as two animals :D

2nd challenge Mun Cheng vs Syameer. If you put bleach together with coke, will it change colour? Answer yes because -.- look at the colour above man.

This are the latest points for guys and girls add it up if your brain allows yourself to :D

Then Shaun was the chairman for the day! zomggg his new haircut is so cute!! kekekekee.
Anyways, :P it was then Actstream, I was jumping/singing/ playing the piano like a maniac and I couldn't have done it without GOD. He is sooo awesome..I could have died out there if it wasn't for him hahaha..

Then Jill spoke the message today !!! and a part of it was when she called Joben up and Bryan Lee and May Chen was supposed to draw him

and this was the pose he had to do (lmao)

look properly...ITS JOBEN AHHAAHHAAHAH ( there's a leaf below covering...nvm!! )
Hahahaha it was soooo funny. :D The message was about..To be or not to be... a GRASSHOPPER
it was based on Numbers 13 =)! its right between alphabets and symbols. that was what Jill said. LAME RIGHT? Anyways, after that we had Homes Lite meeting..but since TN1 already had our meeting last two weeks :D everything was already done..

Then I started chatting around as and Darren were teasing Yi Wei on how Xiao Wei answered the phone last time Darren and me called her...When Xiao Wei answered she was like.."ER JIEEEEEE" with a super cute voice

so me and Darren went around...going ER JIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEt
then charlotte followed us too.. ER JIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
then schaefer followed us..ER JIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ( it was so funny!!)

After Teenacity, me,Joben,Yi Wei,Justina and Justin ( her bro ) went to eat tom yam!! but on the way there while smsing someone =) I got a calll from darren..

Darren: Audrey..I forgot to tell you something really important (super serious voice )
Me: huh..what wor?
-hangs up-

Then we went to eat...and we had was only RM1 for the longan drink and it was niceee =). I killed them with my lame jokes..they took like 1 hour just to finish one bowl of food..It was so funny yet I didn't laugh so the meehoon wouldn't go the wrong way up my nose hahahah. It's called resistance from laughing. BUT laughing is good :D you can laugh till you get 6 packs HAHAHA

Joy sent me home after that..and then I tried calling Joel on his cell..but then it was I panicked because I have no transport for church tomorrow..Luckily I asked around for his house number and Mun Teng had it..I called and this was what happened

Me: hello can I speak to Joel Vijay?
Me: hahahahahahaha
Joel (in the background) : sape tu?
maid: tak tau..suara perempuan!
Joel : bukan mak ah?
maid: bukan bukannnn
Joel: hello ;D?

lmao right? =D

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