Friday, 16 May 2008

Its almost over !!

Wee!! Now exam is ALMOST over. yeah ALMOST. What do I have left? Sejarahhhh next wednesday..and seni and Pj =P so mostly I don't have to care for the other I love arts and PJ's not counted in the grades and positioning ^^..but SEJARAH now that's a killer =D Nevermind...I can do it ! Wooo!!

Today we had KH! Yeah it was very hard to me I looked at it..and thought if I didn't read I would be strangling myself right now haha...because it was hard but if you read then you know the answers ma :D...and luckily one question's worth only 1.3 marks. as there's the project, KH book which takes up 20 marks. I think I got around 4 wrongs in I lost around 5.2 marks around there :D? haha..Bm was hard -.- aghhh BM i'm gonna die..hopefully I can get an A...*sniff* It's the subject i'm most not confident in..Sejarah is easier than BM to me..seriously -.-

Anyways,I gotta go up now and study * uekk * it's just few days more till freedommmmm!!!! Thursday oh thursday why can't you come earlier !! =C

P.S. I'm not going back to FGA on 8th June..Cos I heard there's no service on that day..SIB thing going on..(what I heard ) So..I guess I'll be waking up later * phew * go Acts, then go off to Pyramid to meet the person -.-

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