Thursday, 1 May 2008

its labour dayyy :O

Lol I was bored on taking smiley pictures so started to go looney :O Lol I wanna learn how to touch up on faces larh. I only know how to edit backgrounds and put in words/pictures. Don't know how to do all those..take away your zits~ blotchyness,fattiness hahaha..but then on the bright side, if you keep touching up your face, when people meet you in person they'd get the shock of their life hahaha. is the one and only..LESTER HIEW THIAM HOCK'S bdayyyy !!!!
It's so hard to forget his bday as it's on Labour day :O I just realised I've known him for quite a long since I was standard 5 if I'm not mistaken :O..Lester you have so not changed! Lol when I wished him he straight sent a voice clip " THANK YOUUUU AUDREYYY I LUV U ~~~ " lol too hyper already -.-'' x) hope u have a fun time celebrating your bday Lestey~~

Today's a holiday yet I'm stuck here at home. Never mind ! Going out later at night to celebrate sister+mum's belated bday :O..xD someone rescue me from my house now as I'm rotting to dust. Lol and the only one that has been talking to me since..I came online, is boinky hahaha he is equally bored as all his game channels are full xD Oh well, back to boredom :D

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