Wednesday, 21 May 2008

its over its over OH YEAH YEAH YEAH~

weeee Today we had the finall test paper...SEJARAHHHHH *phew it's over!!* Well actually tomorrow there's art..the drawing which I enjoy =) and also there's PJ which is not counted in the total so I'm not really worried about okay let's see what has happened for the past month and a half.

This was what I did for the past one and a half study study!! *no wonder my memory for normal life is attrocious. history kicked it all out *

this was me for the past two weeks of exam :D suffering being sick during exam making me feel nauseous at times but yet God pulled me through :)

and this is me NOWWWW :D back to the lame ol' audrey!!! yayyyy :) just drawing tomorrow and its doneeee x) but technically I'm rejoicing like crazeh! hahaha..and I dropped majorly in my maths..I think I'm gonna get 93 for maths..and moral I got 92?? how in the world did i get that ?o.o yay moral ! Nilai's are fun :D! Well..I don't think i'll be able to get all 11 subjects back by tomorrow so after the holidays then I'll get the horrendous marks :O Pray that I'll get all As..T.T my life depends on it. literally.

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