Wednesday, 30 April 2008

magazine o.o?

Guess what O.o?

Peng: I saw you in a magazine !
Me: HEH? Since when I even went in a magazine????
Peng: really! my friend bought the magazine then I saw
me: are you 100% SURE? o.o was my name there?
Peng: yeahh it was there were with your friend..your name was there
me: heh? what was my friends name?
Peng: I don't remember...

Firstly. I'm soooo puzzled because where in the world and how in the world did my picture end up there ( and I don't even know what pic is it..I probably look like a cow TT moo!)

Secondly. its a CHINESE magazine??????????

*audrey has lost her brain*

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