Sunday, 11 May 2008

mothers day :O

Woke the morning..feeling groggy and wanting to crawl back to bed as I woke up every hour through the night coughing my head off. Joel came and fetched me to church..Sat with the teens as usual..Suddenly I felt like I got fever *aih* But nevermind..then after church, we all went to Kennedy's to celebrate Mun Teng's bday..Me and Schaefer were like battling each other..he kept singing like so screechily because of what my voice sounded like..and I kept calling him shave fur and pony x)

hahaha..=.= bad pony. Then Philip sent me, Justina,Mun Teng + Yong Pin home..and man..Justina is like a super PERVERT!!! She kept molesting Philip's monkey..and she kept making the monkey do ridiculous this one -.-

There were many many more...mannyyyy moree....Even Philip was like..omggg PERVERT JUSTINA! I have learnt many things today :P and one of them is..JUSTINA'S A PERVERT WEEEEE.

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