Wednesday, 7 May 2008

rainbows and unicornsss :O

haaha school today was so and squishy went crazy making fun of something that didn't make sense at all and Esther was like.."THAT'S NOT FUNNY ALSO -.-" hahaha and then we finally have our own lil.."narnia" at school..
me - king aud aud ( squish named me -.- )
esther - queen easteast
squishy - prince squishpian
sing peng - princess squishpeng (he wishes xD)
jessica - sir meatver ( the beaver )
annesha - the termite army ( she upgraded from ants to termite hahahah)
mun hong - the WHITE witch ahahahaha
ricky - squishy's horse (lmaooo he's gonna die)

Anyways, I got RM20 today yeayy!! from who? Puan Parimala ~~ why? she bought my school bookshop voucher I got from prize day..hahahaha! Woopee!! And then during Science, Esther's nose started bleeding :O~~ Lol then Squishy started singing "bleeding love" lmao ...funny weh! And I don't know tooth aches badly =C *sniff* I couldn't even eat Rocky properly..I was sucking one stick from the start of recess till the end of recess -.- I couldn't bite it! sniff =C

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