Tuesday, 13 May 2008

shermannn gorrrgorrrr @@@@@

weeee I am free from the clutches of my books..*nah* I'm just too lazy to go on reading about science..ahhh i'll just do in class tomoro after recess =P! Aiyarhhh ...who cares :D but I got a surprise call just nowww :O...

on my phone it displayed the word *withheld* I was like..HEH what kinda number is this???
-picks up-
me: helo? elo? elo elo elo????
-no answer and hangs up -
me: -.- heh?

seconds later

*rings again*
me: helooo ~~!
sherman: hahaha haluuu
me: that was your other number earlier right? no connection like last time?
sherman: yeah... on the 8th of June..go FGA USJ yah??
me: why =.=??? Later I super sesat go back..I haven't been there for more than a month...Cos I go Acts adi...
sherman: yeahh I know..JUST GOOOOO
me:..you coming back to Msia izit??? correct right???
sherman: nooo Im going back only in December lahhh
me: then what for i go larhhhh????
sherman: just gooo !!!! I got a surprise for you !!!
me: who am I suppose to meet lah since you're not going =.=
sherman: I can't tell you!! later not fun adi

=.= fine i'll go..but if I go..and I'm like some super sesat idiot there..I'm gonna slaughter your butt when you come back from Aussie..and did you HAVE?? to tell me now..i gotta wait for more than 3 weeks to get whatever you *planned* for me. =.= It better be good ahhhh :D

One thing I don't like about FGA USJ...have to wake up so early T.T ~~~ its like..730 am in the morning..which means i gotta get up at 630 GAHHHH * major panda eyes*

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