Friday, 23 May 2008

teacher's day

woke up in the wee hours of the morning, walked to school..gave the cards to shaun and then went to sit in the crowd for the whole morning

holellechim! was with me :D she was playing around with maison's phone..ahh he has 3.2 mp =3

meet maisonnn :D lol its not pronounced " my son " ..haha I sat with him almost the whole day..he was dying because of my lameness..his IQ was super decreasing :P..oh yeah he has a very holy shoe :D his shoe is full of HOLES !

maison started you should have seen his "bollywood" dance with evan..omg..they were like dancing around the pole and made the poll as a know they normally dance around the tree in those bollywood movies..hahaha it was so funny.

then pey loo gave me a roseee =) which was given from en.suresh lol! and they exchanged numbers!? hahaha jee wa :P you better watch out man! hahaha i shall keep the rose as remembrance of you pey looo =)...ahhh I like flowers :D

and i actually got a picture with matthew??? wow :D this makes history! He's a SUPER anti picture type =)...hahaha..then after that me,maison + most of the sparklerz went over to parade...then there was some commotion @@...then we all went to eat McD...almost everyone used my McD card haha..! yea it's useful ;)..

Just wanna say thanks to nicky,vivien and mostly maison =)

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