Monday, 5 May 2008


hahah today was a mixture full of fun at school! lets see.. I was woken up by my brothers annoying alarm clock next door..I guess he left the alarm even though he already went off to college -.- so i had to go to his room switch it off and i woke up earlier then i wanted to T.T...

woke up..went off to school..and then earlier this morning Malaysian's first astronaut to go to space came my school and I was informed to go..but as usual WHAT FOR??? he's just some dude who went to space :D I'll sleep =P...So anyways went to school..walked around copying the plan of my school...(history project..I FINISHED IT. well minus the pengetua part )

Then today at school we were laughing at Squishy's math instruments was "maped" and his protractor was "unicorn" hahaha so the whole day me,ricky,derrick and esther were singing songs about unicorns and maped in super high annoying voices..we laughed till our stomachs fell apart HAHAHA...

Then also Jessica passed me a note..I was like thinking it was some stupid trash that she normally gives me..then I read it I was like SO SHOCKED..this was what it said.

"Hey Aud, Remember me? I'm Sean. We had the same violin teacher. The norweigian guy remember? I think yr mum knows my mum. Well, did your dad ever work in the Rock Center store in Subang Parade? Btw, how's your basset hound?? And I stopped violin also. but i play the cello now." with a hugeee signature of his name

Hahahaha even though the information of the note was so wrong I understand since the last time I even talked to him was probably standard 4?? That was when my dad still worked in Parade which was actualy Pennylane which is now replaced by Rock Center..and I did have a basset hound but it ran away and now i have two sausage dogs plus a sheepdog haha..and yes I stopped violin..

ahahaha but I'm SUPER SHOCKED. he actually remembers me !!! I still remember when we were super young..Aunty Moohung (his mum) brought me , sean and his bro Ian to Genting..and she bought me stufff =P...and I remember I was fighting over his handphone Lol..cause it could play gamess ( dude I was standard 4 ) hahaha memories =)

And i got scolded by flower power again =D because of the astronaut thing and I didn't inform all the people in my class..because she called Ima to tell me ( which she did ) but I only told a few..and not the whole class -.- hello I just found out last night. But thing is what Loh didn't one really wanted to go anyway hahaha..

Updates about me !
- EXAM'S NEXT WEEK - gags and dies -
- my netting on my bedroom door is GONE. awesome right? Now I just have the normal wooden more annoying metal door which scratches me
- my door knob is finally FIXED..i can actually lock my door now !! Saves me the absolute trouble of my brother walking in when I'm changing -.-''
- I like unicorn wee wee wee ~ okay ignore me :O

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