Thursday, 22 May 2008

wakey wakey :)

woke up and saw a strange number calling from my phone.."6000" I was like..what kind of number is that??
me: helloo....
person: hey schaefer hereee!!

-i was woken up by an international little pony-
as usual I couldn't go back to sleep...hahaha though I was dead tired..this is what you get if you can't sleep on the night so so sorry shaun for calling you at 2am because I couldn't sleep =X..hahaha I fell asleep at 3am :) thanks for some how trying to make me fall asleep. ahaha...

Anyways, later I'm gonna draw draw draw about dadah :) Pray that I won't screw it up..T.T I really really need the 60 marks =X...every mark counts :)

oh yeah ! I forgot to add one more person to my 'birthday's in May'
FONG MUN HONG aka whiteboard,snoopy,clorox,limestone
Tomorrow, on may 23rd is his birthday!! :) may you go whiter mun hong :P

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