Tuesday, 27 May 2008

weee cheer :O

Anyways :D my smarty brother accidentally reopened my elbow wound :) Now I have to wait for it to reheal all over again =.=...

I know it looks so disgusting xD
Anyways, since yesterday I went for practice in Shahirah's house.....GUESS WHAT I SAW

awwwwwwww bluefush!! esther!! isn't it..so so so ..cute hahahah!!

and there's a huge mirror in her living room :) right behind the super nice plasma TV :D
anyways today during practice we all went mad..Cikgu Amin ( my ex primary teacher / gymnast ) came to Sharm's house..and he made us WORK...man he's still the same ol' scary crazy teacher haha...This was what happened after he left

everyone slept in a very very weird order..Lol look at ren..she's like face flat on the floor ( red shirt )

aishah had 3 people sleeping all over her :P including me!

xD I look super retarded ! xD so does aishah big butt :D

look at the colour difference of sharm and MAG'S foot O.o she's whiter than mun hong i tell you!

:D retard photos o.o..my hair looks like it just came out of a washing machine LOL

XD super fattish faceeeeeeeeeeee :D aishah's song : I like big butts & i cannot lie !
Then we had lunch at Sharm's..and she gave us ICECREAM ! That's when I got SUPER HIGH...and started telling all my lame jokes..they counted till it passed 30 :D...

hahaha..But only one thing I don't like is..Sharm's house is the TOTAL opposite of my house -.-... its like at one end of SS17 and i'm at the other end of SS17. argh o.o by the time I reach her house also leg aching already hahaha. I can't wait for tomorrow! hahaha.you'll find out why :O
Jess almost killed me just now when I told her I might not be able to come because I had to go camp earlier and just found out I'm no longer needed :D

-i'm weak-

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