Monday, 26 May 2008


haha I finished my sejarah folio !! YES exactly 30 pages o.o..NOT including front page =P...ah all my wonderful coloured paper wasted T.T...( yesh I like coloured paper ) up and cycled all the way to sharm's house..*the opposite direction of my house* then went to syahirah's house..then went to padang :D lol 3 places we practiced..wee ! It was fun..I'm tired but happy =) I like big butt aisyah :D

OH YEAH!!!! There was a super scary thing..or insulting..that made me super angry and sad at the same time..because from Sharm's house to Syahirah's house is about a 10 minute walk..but since I had a bike..I went ahead of the others..while I was cycling..I saw this chinese retarded woman.

retard: *somthing in chinese*
me: wo bu hui qiang hua yi T.T
retard: do you know english then?
me: *slaps self in the head* yes ...can I help you?
retard: what are you doing in this area?
me:...i live here??
retard: don't lie to me..I know you're not from this area. what are you doing here!?
me:...*feeling creeped out..* I already said I live here..
retard: I will never believe or trust people like is very dangerous after you'll get raped by the foreigners
me: * tolerating her like crazy * I'm PURE CHINESE
retard: I still don't believe all your lies. I know you're not from Malaysia..I wanna bring you to the police station so I can call your parents to come take you
me: I Live..HERE -.-!!! ( I didn't shout but felt like doing it )
retard: Stop lying ..You don't have to lie to me
me: *super fed up and cycles off and hears her shouting to me*

I know I don't look chinese or pure chinese but I AM pure chinese..but what in the world is her problem?? and if I AMM a foreigner =.= why can't I be in the area? If I was a foreigner I'd never come back to Malaysia after that super freaky encounter -.-''..I cycled off with a upset,angry,geram feeling..You know how hurting it is to be called a liar?? When I didn't lie?? I don't LIKE lying..and you know how sad I felt when I was accused of being a "outsider"?? T.T If she was joking like most Teenacity-ians do by calling me budak indon =.= I wouldn't mind..but she really..accused me T.T

Oh yeah !! Who's going to Seventeen Summer Splash next saturday?? inform me!! I'm most probably going =) but thing is..who's going from TEENACITY? so that I can hitch a ride from lagoon to teenacity o.o... if I can't find I gotta get a cab T.T..who's leaving lagoon at like..415 - 430 to Teenacity? pleas please please tell me...=C

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