Sunday, 18 May 2008

wesaky day tomorrow!

I was studying..history and then I looked at my shoulder and freaked out o.o I was like omg why got so many pimples on my SHOULDER? then i touched it..and I was like eh -.- why aren't there any bumps?..and realised it was actualy blood clots -.-

Nevermind..Blood clots dont have scars unlike wounds =P But it looked like pimples to me @@..
Hahaha and I got a bruise on my arm too !

look at the sejarah books in the background LOL.
tomorrow there's no school!!!! Yay !! I can sleeeeeepppp *snores* hahahaha no..I will be actually waking up earlier than I do on school days why? Mummy's bringing me to The Curve to go shopping! Yay! I haven't gone to a mall to shop months already..since the march holidays =)..I did once..for Chris's bday but we didn't go to the shops..just went for a movie and went home. So..yeah! I can't wait to go tomorrow =)

BUT!!! Of course I have to use my own money. hahaha..but I don't think I'll be able to buy things for myself..ALOT of birthdays are coming up..I mean..alot as in a whole week full of birthdays and more..I can't imagine how broke I'm gonna become. I can't buy for all..but I'm buying for some..yeah..some @@..about..3 people I guess? If I can find something nice that is.

Ahh!! I wish I had more money =C need to buy some stuff for myself
1) new low those you can run about in..when you go shopping? Cause mine's not comfortable to walk in..what you expect when you buy something worth Rm10?
2) new watch..this one is kinda confusing. I wanna buy yet I don't wanna buy. Why? My current watch is full with memories's nice and it's still working..but there's a huge crack on the watch -.- thanks to my clumsyness.
3) more tops =3? Aiyah one more top also is enough..skirts I have already..I just don't have much tops =C..
4) new cupboard ahahahaha *yeah right I'm gonna get it ever* my room also no place to put =.= it's very hard when you share one small cupboard with your sister :D it's bound to explode soon. hahaha..

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