Tuesday, 13 May 2008

xD MSN check again

weeeee...I'm so bored I'm gonna do my MSN history check again!! see who's the top 5 people I chat with hahahaha

1) Keith gorgor ! (3.05mb) no wonder -.- as we talk so much nonsense everyday that don't make sense.
2)Kay Jin!! awww (2.38mb) lol :D after my exams I go teman u at UFO kay :D and get to know someone else too :P *KOF*
3)Jon gorgor (2.01mb) haha..but quite long never had a very very long chat with him adi
4)Darren LOL??(1.9mb) hahahahaha new person on the list hahah! er JIEEEEEE :p
5)Shaunnieee (1.76mb) hahaha..5th online but my check my hp and all you can see is SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS lol.

P.S. thanks jinjinnn for praying for me to do my exams well..and even asked for my exam timetable to pray accurately everyday...haha that was so sweet awww :p in return I'll talk very good about you next time to someone =P

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