Monday, 2 June 2008

cheer :O

woke up..had tummy ache =C..but walked over to the field..had practice then it started to drizzle =.=! So as usual..we took shelter at...MCD! usual my card was passed all around..It's SO worth it haha! Then I started going mad..and mixed a lot of ingredients together.

ding ding ding :D what is it made of?
porridge,ketchup,chilli sauce,vanilla ice cream,ice cream cone,fries,burger bun,pickles,coke and milo :D wanna try? Lol it was gross!

Then Nicky trapped Vivien in her own clothes -.-

Lol she tied a knot...sad vivien. Then went practice..then it started raining AGAIN =.= so we just all headed home. I just finish scanning a whole file of pictures for my mum..took me 2 hours =.=! Sat like some idiot in the wonderful air-con room :P..folded and ironed the clothes and now I'm chatting with humans! Weeee. humans :D did you know they are homosapiens :O?
-sorry I'm so random xD-

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