Thursday, 5 June 2008

i'm 5 years old!!

weee today was SOOOOOOOO fun!!! I felt like I was just a 5 year old :)..Anyways, we walked over to Parade during cheer break time..then while we were walking around..we saw Mr. happy!! :D

look at the SUPER poser..hahaha he's SOOO cute !!! he gave each of us a balloon :P..

mr.happy: how old are you??
me: we're all 5 year olds !!
mr.happy: okay!! do you want a balloon *obviously knows we're not 5* here, pick your colour!
-we all take one each-
mr.happy: what shape do you want? :D (makes for us many many different kinds)
DJ: hey budak-budak tu awak berapa umur
us: 5 years old!!
DJ: if you're five, i'm four !
mr.happy: LIAR !

omggg he's sooo cute...and so nice !! Haha and friendly too!

amerlyn with her long hot dog (za dao) and my gun LMAO.

we all took pic with mr. happy :O Then!! We saw a bunch of Thailand magicians that came to perform..and boy were they funny! haha

the main magician ;D

and the SUPER tall person who made me feel like a midget..p.s. he's bending his legs in the picture =.=..he showed us a super super crazy coin trick we were like..'WHAT THE?'

the whole bunch of Thailand magicians girl's missing though :)
Then I became even more like a 5 year old..There was free face painting :D

I got a butterfly on my hand =3 and then all of us got mcd vouchers from Mr.Happy..choco top ice cream for 1.00 :D and then when he did his clown show we all supported him like mad!! No one else was responding..

Mr.Happy: why no response one!!!
-everyone stares at me like an idiot-

HAHAHA he was so cute..and he brought out the sesame street puppet..the one that lives in the trash can..hahaha and he was like a ventriloquist.. it was so cute..but sadly we all had to leave..
while he was on stage he was like, EHH where you all going??? hahaha his only group of fans left ;P...Then we went back to the field to practice...

Nicky's world is upside down :D psychotic -.-
Today was really really fun!!!!!!!

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