Thursday, 5 June 2008

msn history again :D

hahaha boredom has struck me once more and for the third time I'm gonna look at my msn history and see who has talked to me the most ;P

1) Keith gorgor ( this never changes does it -.-) 4102kb
2) justina ;D wao! 3215kb
3) Jinjinnn =3 3061kb
4) Jon gorgor (not surprised either ;P) 2391kb
5) Darrenyyy my er jieee :D 2135kb
6) Ken-ji :O 1992kb (wah surprised :O)
7) Shaunnie the sheepy :) 1955kb
8) boinky =D 1495kb
9) andy gorgorr 1397kb
10) cheryl sohhh ;D she can sew very well :P 1345kb

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