Monday, 2 June 2008

musim panas :O

haha yayy! It's confirmed I'm gonna go 17 Summer Splash :O ( no my school is not organizing a summer splash, you wish HAHAH ) its the magazine you doink! Gonna go with all the other Sparklerz :D Woopeee!! I wanna get the roxy goodie baggg =C...I've never had any roxy stuff before :O Well I have gone to Lagoon ONCE ( quiksilver 08 ) But!!! I've never gone on a SINGLE ride in my life...T.T I think during the summer splash I won't get to go on any also..Aihz! I feel sad...Many times have people said to me " WHAT??? YOU JOKING?? NEVER GO BEFORE??"

Haha! But but but :O I'm gonna look so FAT =C...duh...don't have nice body shape marhhh :) I'm sooo sure they're gonna be 100s of girls in bikinis..LUCKILY I'm not one of them :D or else everyone would die of horror hahahaha!

I heard what Samantha said, " I'm so fat =C i'm gonna go on a diet "
if SAMANTHA = fat..the whole world is obese -.-..SAM you're SO THIN!!
I just hate my metabolism =C..I hardly eat, I have cheer every single day..what else can I do?

according to Ken-ji : pray to God and say "God ~~ I offer my fats to you~~"

LMAO I burst out in laughter after he said that ;D Ken-ji got pawned by monkeys :O real ones. HAHA

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