Sunday, 1 June 2008

=O indy!

Today, woke up for church!! bersemangated wear revolution t-shirt to church..a whole gang wore it..but some didn't ( sad ). Once again we sang ALL THE WAY~~ hahaha..5th time in a row. Then Elder Keng Yak was really good. Then after church, a group of us went to eat at Eastern..There we saw TRAVIS!!! This was what happened

Yi Wei: woman! mummy!
Audrey: dadddyy~!!!
Justina: grandma!!! but then, when he wasn't there she said, "omggg Travis's so hot :D "

Hahaha this is what happens when you go camp together..Travis's my dad, so Jay's my aunt and Pas Andy's my uncle :O!! hahaha then i ate fried loh she fun :D however you spell it ! Then Schaefer has this mini voodoo doll on his phone..and you can actually PULL THE EYES OUT o.o Justina was playing with it like mad...Crazy person -.-! Then after that I wore schaefer's coat hahahhahah it covered my whole skirt =.= from the back they said it looked like I wasn't wearing anything under the coat. stupid lah!

Then Nikki,me,Jeremy,Yong Pin,Yong Jin,Yi Wei,Justina,Joben went to watch Indiana Jones! I sat beside nikki and bought F&N grape :D I prefer that among other soft drinks :S...Then I started screaming once the skeletons started moving Then it started to get superbly COLD. Shivering like mad..Yong Pin gave me his jacket :D yayy yong pin! Thank youuu x)...Then Nikki drove me back..along with the others..summore it was RAINING outside..Imagine his driving + rain. CRAZY

But then!! It wasn't the funny part..Nikki started telling a stupid joke..that could go on and on..we laughed SUPER probably from Summit till my house =.=! My stomach ached like crazy..stupid thing was..he missed the turning into my house..and went back allthe way to Summit and went to my house my stomach really hurt HAHAH...Yong Pin,Yong Jin and Justina all together-gether laugh like crazy also..It was fun :O

P.s. did you know the crazy woman with the straight fringe,short hair in Indiana Jones is the same person as the white witch in narnia -.-

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