Thursday, 5 June 2008

oh goodness @@

Is it a sin to blog so much :P? What to do, I just love blogging ! It's like a practice for maybe my future profession (journalism)! Hahaha I'm thinking of that or something else to do with masscom :) Anyways, I was getting BORED. Why? All I'm doing is talking to Darren, facebook,myspace,friendster listening to Planetshakers All For Love. Hahaha now there are three people in Malaysia that have,shaun and darren will get it on Sat. Once again, thanks so much Sherman gorgor!!!

seventeen summer splash this weekend..transport problems are creeping up..oh no ! Who's going to Teenacity =C can I follow you too...=C i'm getting fidgety about Sunday..Sherman =.= it better be good whatever you've planned for me. I'm gonna go to the Pyramid this Sunday too..going to watch Narnia AGAIN. Hahaha this time I don't think I'd be screaming " Prince Caspiannnnn =3!!!!!!! *melts* " Hahaha or would I =P?

Earth to students..SCHOOL'S COMING SOON T.T It's just around the corner..a very very small starts on MONDAY..and that means only ONE important thing..EXAM RESULTS (faints).. I really really really hope and pray that my results will be better than my last..I studied my head off for 1 and a half months for this..I actually read my history text book as my bed time story book..It worked really well putting me to sleep =)

Hope that I'll come back with a big testimony in hand~~toodles ;)

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